AVDS-1790-2D Engine Specifications

V-12 Diesel Engines used in the M60 and M48 Main Battle Tanks

The AVDS-1790-2D Engine is a 750HP air-cooled, V-type, diesel, fuel injected, turbosupercharged, 12-cylinder, 90-degree configuration, four cycle, engine which produces a nominal gross power of 750 brake horsepower at 2400 RPM. A mechanical fuel injection pump delivers high pressure, metered fuel to individual cylinders through fuel injector nozzles. Two turbochargers are exhaust-gas driven and increase the air flow pressure entering the air intake manifolds to around a 20PSI boost. A fuel supply pump, located at the front of the engine, draws fuel through the primary and secondary fuel systems from the vehicle fuel tanks and delivers it to the injection pump. Cylinder assemblies are individually replaceable units with overhead valves and valve rocker assemblies in the head. Cylinders are arranged in two banks of six cylinders each. Each bank of cylinders has an overhead camshaft arrangement to actuate the valves of each cylinder. A solenoid-operated 24-volt low-voltage sensing module prevents starter activation with improperly charged batteries to protect the starter from damage. Lubrication is by a forced feed system consisting of four circuits: Main Pressure, Scavenge, Leveling and Make-up. This multi-circuit system allows the engine is operate at extreme angles of up to 70 degrees tilt in any direction. The four oil circuits are operated independently by one oil pump with four separate sections. Cold Weather starting is imporoved by two intake manifold heaters installed in the air intake system between the intake manifold elbows and the turbosuperchargers which preheat the air entering the cylinders to facilitate cold-weather starting and idle. The AVDS-1790-2D engine has an on-board fuel water seperator system. The primary fuel filter has a constant bleed orifice to remove in to the fuel return and a secondary water seperator filter with an automated water drain valve. The AVDS-1790-2D engine is fitted with an air-cooled 300A 28VDC Generator. The engine can operate while totally submerged in water with the aid of a snorkel. It can be started and operated at extreme temperatures ranging from -25 to +125°F (-32 to +52°C). The use of quick-release fuel and electrical connectors permit the engine to be performance checked in the vehicle or easily "ground-hopped" outside the vehicle.

AVDS-1790-2D Technical Specifications


  • Number of Camshafts: 2
  • Camshaft Rotation: Counterclockwise (viewed from front)
  • Cooling Type: Air cooled (two engine-driven fans)
  • Cooling Airflow: 20,000 cfm at 2400 rpm
  • Combustion Cylinders: 12
  • Cylinder Arrangement: 90-degree upright V
  • Firing Order: 1R, 2L, 5R, 4L, 3R, 1L, 6R, 5L, 2R, 3L, 4R, 6L
  • Cylinder Bore: 5.750 inches
  • Cylinder Stroke: 5.750 inches
  • Compression Ratio: 16:1
  • Length: 68.59 inches
  • Width: 88.74 inches
  • Height: 47.19 inches
  • Displacement: 1790 cubic inches

Fuel System

  • Fuel: JP8 MIL-DTL-83133
  • Supply Pressure at Injection Pump: 55-60 PSI
  • Maximum Fuel Consumption: 305 pounds per hour
  • Maximum Air Consumption: 2,000 cfm
  • Cold Weather Heater Fuel: 1.5 to 2.2 pounds per hour

Lubrication System

  • Oil Specification: MIL-L-45199, Grade 2 (OE30)
  • Oil Capacity (Dry): 20 Gallons
  • Oil Capacity (Filter Change): 17 Gallons
  • Oil Pressure (Idle): 15 PSI
  • Oil Pressure (2400RPM): 40 to 70 PSI
  • Oil Pump Output (2400RPM) - Main Pressure: 97+ GPM
  • Oil Pump Output (2400RPM) - Scavenging: 121+ GPM
  • Oil Pump Output (2400RPM) - Leveling: 32+ GPM
  • Oil Pump Output (2400RPM) - Reserve: 17+ GPM


  • Intake Valve Open Timing: 25 degrees BTC
  • Intake Valve Close Timing: 55 degrees ABC
  • Exhaust Valve Open Timing: 45 degrees BBC
  • Exhaust Valve Close Timing: 20 degrees ATC
  • Valve Lift: 0.460 inches
  • Intake Valve Cold Clearance: 0.010 inches
  • Exhaust Valve Cold Clearance: 0.025 inches
  • Fuel Injection Timing: 26 degrees BTC